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Controlstore was established in 2009 and in its short history has become known as a leading and respected HVAC (Heating Cooling and Air Conditioning) peripherals provider in the control and automation industry. They supply a full range of leading quality, cost competitive HVAC brands and products from full systems to field devices, and peripherals such as controllers, sensors, and valves.

Controlstore is a private Australian owned company, with offices in Sydney and Brisbane, as well as partners in Melbourne and Wellington (NZ).
Controlstore prides itself on its ability to assist a wide range of customers from walk-in retail customers to sole traders and national companies, and are known for their down-to-earth and responsive customer service, and sales and technical support excellence.

The Challenge

Controlstore was entering its 6th year and had built up a network of quality suppliers, a large customer database, and a stable business but required a marketing focus to consolidate their brand, their customer proposition and communications; as well as gain a deeper understanding of their customer base to drive acquisition, engagement and retention.
Our challenges were:
• Establishing a stronger brand identity to enable differentiation as a leading HVAC provider – with more than just product.
• Putting in place foundational marketing assets and a marketing plan to support the business going forward.
• Identifying touch points in the customer journey and optimising the customer engagement opportunities.
• Providing the sales team with tools, insights and reporting so they could be better equipped to convert quotes into sales.

The Solution

Controlstore engaged Twinlife Marketing to undertake a full strategic marketing review & develop a plan for long term marketing that included a list of initiatives to help rebrand, provide a consistent and relevant value proposition message, set in place consistent marketing communications, review their customer database and engage prospects and customers.
This included many important activities to set up the foundation of Controlstore’s marketing:
• Brand identity refresh including a new tagline “HVAC with MORE” to reinforce its unique positioning in providing more availability, reliability and capability.
• Internal team engagement brand and marketing workshop.
• Development of graphics to support its positioning, and a collateral review and redesign such as a refreshed corporate brochure, product catalogue.
• Website refresh providing revised and structured content for the Home and About Us page, in line with the customer value proposition and brand promise.
• Proactively develop a marketing calendar which included co-ordinated communication channels.
• Customer journey mapping to identify the new customer journey and touchpoints, and focus on the on-boarding of new customers.
• Tradeshow planning including new signage and booth layout, and trialling a free training incentive promotion.
• Professionalised communications for targeted email campaigns and events using a company branded template.
• Development of a customer survey to gain insight into customer satisfaction & attitudes regarding customer service, product & pricing to guide future strategy development.

The Result

• The new company logo with tagline lockup and key marketing messages explaining “HVAC with MORE”, has been integrated into their marketing communications.
• Implementation of the consolidated marketing calendar through various marketing communication channels has helped to drive brand awareness and customer engagement.
• By featuring specific brands and products in their eNews, they have proactively been able to solicit customer enquiries.
• Post eNews campaign results tracking has given the team interesting insights into customer engagement, down to specific account manager follow-ups with identified prospects and engaged customers.
• Suppliers have noticed our marketing efforts and are collaborative in their approach to feature in our monthly eNews, as well as develop co-branded targeted email campaigns to specific customer segments.
• A new customer on-boarding initiative was successfully implemented and we have had positive feedback from customers.
• A purpose-driven marketing calendar, planned reporting, professional collateral tools as well as customer insights, has helped to boost team morale and a shared identity and vision.

Client testimonial

I would highly recommend Twinlife Marketing to any company looking for someone to efficiently tackle their marketing needs, large or small. We really enjoyed working with Joanne, who has helped us gain a deeper understanding of marketing processes and best practices.

Working closely with our team and myself she has always been available to offer advice and I can certainly say that we have made enough progress to make a difference so a huge thank you.

Sharyn Gregory
Managing Director

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