The Bronzing Studio

by Jason

The Bronzing Studio

The Bronzing Studio

Founded in 1990, The Bronzing Studio is the largest bronzing company of non-conductors in the Southern Hemisphere. The company uses electroplating to bronze any surface imaginable with the exception of metals. The Bronzing Studio has done electroplating for several films including Superman, Star Wars and The Matrix, in addition to creating awards for the NRL, MTV, Avon and several other companies. The Bronzing Studio team holds more than 40 years of experience in bronzing, chrome-plating and the management of electroplating plants in Europe and Asia. They are the only company in Australia with this expertise.

The Challenge

The Bronzing Studio was looking for marketing direction on who, what and how to target.

Twinlife’s main challenges were:

  • To work out the most profitable market segmentsTo develop smart, cost-effective marketing tactics to target and approach specific market segments.
  • Enhance online marketing and social media

The Solution

After the most profitable market segments were analysed, Twinlife Marketing put some cost-effective direct marketing tools and strategies into place to attract prospects within these target markets. Twinlife Marketing developed professional sales tools like a brochure and a sales presentation and also helped improve the company website by giving it a more professional look and catering content to the target market. The team also educated The Bronzing Studio on social media. The company Facebook page now has over 4,000 fans within 4 months. The Twinlife team did not simply come in and take over, but rather educated The Bronzing Studio on why certain strategies were being implemented and how the company can implement the strategies themselves. This transfer of marketing and knowledge into the organisation is invaluable.

Client Testimonial

Although we are the only company in Australia that provides this unique service, we were not able to create awareness and spread the word about our business before working with Twinlife Marketing. After trying a few other marketing methods with empty promises and no results, we contacted Twinlife Marketing in a cry for help. By frequently coming into The Bronzing Studio, Sonja is able to clearly see the difficulties we have and create effective marketing strategies as a result. She has an extremely systematic and efficient approach, always giving an action plan and working together with us instead of for us. This not only speeds up the marketing process, but also teaches us about effective marketing along the way. Twinlife Marketing looks at the big picture, whilst also improving our marketing step by step.

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