Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

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Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park

Australia Walkabout Wildlife Park was established in 2005 as a sanctuary for native fauna and flora and an Aboriginal sites protectorate. Its philosophy is to preserve natural habitat, allowing most animals to roam freely, with a small number cared for in large natural camps for their protection or the protection of the park’s visitors.

Based on the philosophy of “conservation through education”, Walkabout Park offers a range of experiences including day programs for casual visitors, bush tucker and bush medicine tours, school excursion packages, Wild Sleep Outs, and more. The Park is located in Calga in between Sydney and Newcastle, just off the F3.

The Challenge

Walkabout Park engaged Twinlife Marketing in June 2010 with the key objective of increasing the brand awareness and the number of visitors to the Park, as well as setting up the right marketing structure within the business. Walkabout Park has a very strong and unique product offering suitable for many markets, so was looking for assistance in selecting which markets to actively target and how to do so in a cost-effective way. With high fixed costs to maintain the park’s natural habitat and to keep the animals healthy, it was very important to get the marketing right.

The Solution

KoalaThe Twinlife Marketing team assisted Walkabout Park with developing a long term cost-effective marketing plan with activities that will continually increase its brand awareness and drive visitors to the park. Twinlife Marketing took a structured approach in its marketing to ensure the basic marketing platforms were implemented before creating targeted campaigns.

Firstly, Twinlife Marketing worked with the park to clarify the most profitable target markets and define the positioning as well as help them standardise their current product packages and pricing.

To promote the Wild Sleep Out, Walkabout Park’s overnight camping experience, Twinlife Marketing organised a journalist weekend which resulted in a full page coverage in the Sydney Morning Herald travel section, articles in diverse family magazines and websites, articles on travel websites and exposure on the local radio station. This resulted in a great amount of bookings for this overnight adventure.

Instead of spending lots of money on advertising, Twinlife Marketing organised listings on several deal websites (such as Jump On It and Living Social) and developed press releases which were then sent to key journalists. Twinlife Marketing also secured a placement with the 2011 Entertainment Book which has been highly successful in bringing both brand awareness and new business to Walkabout Park.

As well as developing initiatives to drive new visitors to the park, Twinlife Marketing assisted in creating loyal customers and encouraging them to come back for repeat visits. A customer database was developed and continually updated. Loyalty was encouraged via the park’s new e-newsletter and the launch of its new ‘Wild Child Club’ that provides special events and offers to club members. Twinlife Marketing also developed a 12 month marketing campaign calendar for the park with seasonal campaigns to ensure the park is kept continually top of mind for families.

To ensure sustainable growth for the park, Twinlife Marketing assisted with targeting schools that will provide ongoing revenue for the park. Twinlife Marketing helped develop a special schools information pack with key marketing messages for schools outlining the park’s extensive education program for primary and secondary schools. In the pilot, a targeted schools campaign was launched for schools in the North Shore area.

The Result

Twinlife Marketing’s aim for the park was to make Walkabout Park more known to its target market and highlight its uniqueness. Our aim was also to ensure there was a constant rollout of marketing activities that will continually drive visitors to the park, increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Since working with Twinlife Marketing, the number of visitors to the park has increased as a result of a significant increase in brand awareness and exposure of the park in the media and online. Their customer database has also grown with more loyal customers joining the Wild Child Club and receiving regular communications.

The marketing structure has been set up and with the 12 month marketing calendar in place, the marketing machine is working. It has changed the park from doing marketing activities ad hoc to having a more structured pro-active marketing approach.

Client Testimonial

One of Twinlife Marketing’s great strengths is their ability and willingness to work with you to enhance your own team’s practical marketing abilities. They don’t just “do it for you”. Twinlife Marketing’s expertise, advice and training, powered by excellent service and consistent communication, has been invaluable. After only 18 months’ collaborative work and combined effort, the Walkabout Park brand is now recognised in our target markets, with brand awareness continually increasing thanks to a great ongoing program of campaigns and activities that keep us top of mind with our customers. Twinlife Marketing’s solid structured approach has helped us focus on what matters and avoid being distracted by day to day business, and we are seeing the results!

Tassin Barnard
General Manager

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