Affinity Wealth Services

by Sonja van den Bosch

Affinity Wealth Services

Affinity Wealth Services is an award-winning, independently-owned boutique wealth management company. They are experts in the fields of wealth management, aged care and accounting and have spent 25 years helping their clients achieve their financial goals. Their advisers are skilled and experienced financial experts with a proven track record in growing and protecting their clients’ wealth by taking a proactive approach and ensuring that they are across any changes in legislation and in navigating turbulent markets. They provide personalised, fee-for-service advice and therefore always have their clients’ best interests in mind.

The Challenge

With such a high quality service and a loyal client base, Affinity had reached a stage where their business was ready to grow to the next level . They work hard to build and maintain long-term relationships with their clients, so they needed to attract more of their ideal clients in a cost effective manner.

The Solution

Affinity Wealth_Brochure_CoverAffinity Wealth Services engaged Twinlife Marketing to help them bring their marketing objectives to life in a practical and cost-effective way. After working together to create their strategic marketing plan, they worked on a list of initiatives to help lift their profile in the market. This included consistent communication, better engagement with their clients and prospects as well as aligning the brands of the Accounting and Aged Care divisions of the business so that they can present an integrated service to their clients. Twinlife Marketing directed the design and development of 2 new websites, implemented an email marketing system and trained the team to use and update both independently. These digital channels have since been used consistently to inform and educate their clients and prospects and bring the personality of their team to life. Twinlife also managed the design and production of printed material, maintaining a consistent look and feel across all channels.

The Result

“We have been getting the highest number of ideal client referrals ever and the momentum is building. This is definitely because of our exposure in the market.  When I met Sonja, I remember her saying that a lot of money is wasted on marketing. With Twinlife, every marketing idea is thought through and questioned, and every marketing initiative is measured. After setting up the marketing foundations, Twinlife trained our team and handed over the tools so that we can run the communications ourselves. Marketing is now a structured part of our business. We communicate consistently and effectively and it’s exciting seeing the results.”

Kate Golder
Partner and Adviser


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