A Pre-School with an Unbelievable Big Heart

by Sonja van den Bosch

A Pre-School with an Unbelievable Big Heart

As a parent I know how important it is to find the right childcare for your children. My twin boys, Jordi and Dylan, have been in care since they were 6 months old. For the last two years, they and us have been part of The Spot Preschool family, and I couldn’t have been happier.

I already had heard amazing stories about The Spot Preschool and from the moment I met Big Dad, who owns the pre-school together with his lovely wife Christine, I knew that it was the right place.

The Spot Pre-School

Big Dad with my boys Dylan and Jordi

Big Dad who is originally from the Congo in Africa and studied Medicine in Belgium, has an amazing love for children; you can just see it in his eyes. The children are attracted to him like a magnet and he truly cares about every single child. He is brilliant at getting the best out of them, while teaching them to respect each other’s uniqueness.

As my boys arrive early in the morning, they share a special breakfast with Big Dad, despite the fact that they never leave the house without having eaten. This is their special time together. If Arjen or I hang around, we get treated to coffee/tea and breakfast as well. It’s a great start of the day.

When my parents visit from Holland, they love spending time at The Sport Preschool, because all the staff are so passionate and make them feel extremely welcome. Big Dad always spoils my mum with a nice bottle of champagne, which makes her feel even more special.

When we go on holidays, my boys get pocket money to buy a gift at the airport. When it is hot in summer, the kids get spoiled with ice blocks. When my kids do something special, they come home with a gift of Lego. When…etc. etc. etc. When I tell Big Dad that he spoils my children too much, he tells me that this is his special time with them.

Four times a year there is a big party for all the parents and the kids at The Spot Preschool. These parties are a highlight for everyone. There is a bar for the parents and Big Dad spends days preparing fantastic African food, that everyone raves about. It always ends up in a big dance fest with the kids singing and dancing the 3 theme songs: Living on a prayer, eye of the tiger and the summer of 69. It is great to see a whole group of toddlers going crazy when these songs come on. And then it is time for Big Dad to bring out his African drums and bring some African rhythm into the night. The kids all love it and shake their hips as if their life depended on it. We parents have the best night too.

To me is the ultimate of creating meaningful relationships with everyone you encounter. Everything comes from the heart and that shines through in everything. No need to say that the best brand ambassadors for The Spot Preschool are all the happy parents that feel privileged to be part of this family.

To see Big Dad and his team please visit http://www.thespotpreschool.com.au/

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