The most respected and reliable marketing partner

SonjavandenBoschAfter having worked for more than 16 years in diverse corporate marketing and sales management roles in different parts of the world, I decided to do something more meaningful and founded Twinlife Marketing in February 2009.

My purpose was and still is to be the most respected and reliable marketing partner for businesses.

  • To bring the concept of practical, truthful and structured marketing that is integrated with sales to the SME business world.
  • To show that marketing doesn’t need to be fluffy or a waste of money, but that it can be very effective in helping you attract and retain your ideal clients.
  • To help SME businesses not only with strategic marketing planning, but also with the implementation, analysis and even more important transfer marketing knowledge and skills into someone’s business.

A truly unique and supportive place to work for experienced marketing consultants

Our team of highly experienced and passionate marketing consultants has grown over the years, and our supportive business structure that strongly promotes work life balance, makes Twinlife Marketing a truly unique place to work. We don’t believe in rigid structures, time wasters or big overheads, but focus completely on our people. We believe in celebrating our uniqueness and individual skills and talents, but we are bound together by our common values of being truthful, inspirational and practical.

Inspired by…

Every day I get inspired by the interactions with our loyal clients and our dedicated team. There is nothing better than truly enjoying what you do and who you work with. Our clients become our friends and their energy and motivation fuels us, while we are helping them achieve their marketing goals.

Please feel free to email me with any marketing comments or questions. And please remember: “Living your truth is happiness”.

Kind regards,


Sonja van den Bosch

Founder & Managing Director Twinlife Marketing

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