Strategic Marketing Plan

Our Strategic Marketing Plan gives you clear direction about how to best market your business to your target market.

We’ll organise a half-day marketing workshop with you and your team at your premises. After this workshop, we’ll develop the strategic marketing plan, which will be presented and discussed with you in two follow up sessions.

Our Strategic Marketing Plan consists of the following sections:

  • Business overview including your vision, mission, values as well as your history, your why and your business objectives.
  • Marketing overview including SWOT analysis, products & services overview, target market segmentation, competitor overview and seasonal calendar.
  • Brand architecture including differentiation, positioning, brand essence, tagline and key marketing messages.
  • Marketing strategies and initiatives including marketing actions, campaigns, marketing calendar, budget and resources.

At the end of the process you’ll have a complete understanding of the best path to take to grow your company’s success, as well as a clear plan of action to bring it to life.

The marketing strategy development process was engaging and informative. The guidance, insight and quality of the final product provided by Sonja and her team has been crucial in enabling our businesses to effectively roll-out a marketing approach which is already realising value for us in its ability to effectively engage with and win clients.” – Patrick Crowe, Owner, Red Team

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