Marketing Mentoring

We’re passionate about sharing our marketing knowledge with you. By establishing the right marketing structure, understanding the dynamics behind marketing and making educated choices instead of ‘trial and error’, your marketing success will become more certain.

Twinlife’s marketing mentoring program is suitable for business owners who want to learn about marketing as well as junior marketing managers looking for direction, guidance and support. We’ll equip you with the right knowledge and will mentor you throughout the process, so that you’ll be able to do marketing with confidence.

Sometimes words cannot aptly describe ones sentiment. Working with Sonja at Twinlife Marketing gave me my confidence! I have always done my own marketing and I had lost my confidence with all the new technologies and after being in business for some time. The clarification I got in my ideas, how to implement, what to spend my time on, what to spend my money and not losing direction were the valuable lesson I learnt. The MOST important thing I got was my confidence and belief in my own message. Thank you Sonja.” – Anna Field, Owner, The Paddington Beauty Room

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