Our approach

Having a solid, workable structure is the best way to ensure consistent, sustainable marketing results. Twinlife Marketing’s proven process helps business to grow with confidence. We transfer our knowledge and skills, and develop processes that are simple to understand, making it enjoyable for your team. Your marketing will be managed efficiently and effectively allowing you to focus on your business.


Get the best results with full marketing lifestyle management

We focus on full marketing lifecycle management. This means we go from thinking (marketing strategy) to doing (marketing management) to analysing (marketing results). This guarantees the best marketing structure in your business.

We’ll develop a tailored strategic marketing plan with you and will project manage the implementation of the marketing activities that make it up. We’ll also track results and transfer marketing knowledge and skills into your organisation.

Grow your in-house marketing expertise

Our approach is structured, tailor-made and inspiring. What’s more, we share our knowledge and insights with you so that your business can grow its in-house expertise along the way. We don’t believe in holding back information to protect our IP. We will always explain why we do each activity in a certain way and will educate you or your team on how to conduct marketing activities yourself.

Common to everyone who is part of Twinlife Marketing is our desire to deliver genuine, practical and truthful marketing services. We regard is as a real privilege to be welcomed into your business, and to get to know your unique goals and aspirations for it. This is a responsibility we take very seriously – and ever aspect of our service offering is firmly grounded in achieving strong, meaningful results for your business. Transferring marketing knowledge is an important pillar of this.

Benefit from our team’s skills, experience and positive energy

skillsYour business will quickly benefit from the synergy and energy that naturally flows when our team works together. With Twinlife Marketing, you’ll find that we bring teamendous focus to every project we undertake on your behalf. There is no waste, just a powerful return on investment. And while we consider ourselves a part of your team, we also offer a fresh, unbiased perspective that can give you a new way of thinking about challenges and opportunities that come your way.

When we work with you, you’ll find our ehtusiasm is contagious and your marketing program will gather real momentum. Every idea and strategy we suggest is always firmly grounded in the practical. We only ever recommend marketing strategies that are realistic and in sync with your brand, style and business objectives. Our advice is always tailor-made, as every business and situation is unique and we don’t believe in a ‘cookie cutter’ approach to marketing.

Sonja and her team market from the heart. At the end of the day, people ‘buy’ the people, not the service, and if you’d like to market your wares successfully, you would be well advised to hire Sonja and her team.” – Marc Enners, Owner, Red Propaganda

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